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From fungus to rashes, routine foot care takes on a greater urgency when diabetes is involved. Our doctors are here to help.

Whether you stepped on a nail or have an ulcer on your foot or leg, don't try to tough it out. Make sure your foot heals fully.

Set up an appointment today and get treatment for rashes, warts, corns, calluses, and more with our foot skin treatment services.

Treat bunions, hammertoes and other foot and ankle issues using the latest technology and proven surgical techniques.

Diabetic foot care

Wound care

Skin conditions

Foot surgery

are just a phone call away!



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Don’t put up with foot and ankle pain. Strong, healthy feet are just a phone call away! 218-749-3818

While most people take the ability to walk without pain for granted, when you have foot or ankle issues, every step can be challenging. Let our knowledgeable staff help treat your foot and

ankle issues today.


Visit Range Foot & Ankle if you have any foot or ankle pain. Take advantage of our advanced knowledge in podiatry, and the convenience of in office digital x-rays. We’ll give you the care you need to get you back on your feet. Call us today!